sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

Desde Nueva York Aurelio Tello: Cachua El buen querer, Dennos licencia, and La despedida

Desde la fría Nueva York, un  cálido saludo compartiendo esta noticia.


Codex | ICE at the Americas Society
April 7, 2013 | 4:00pm
The Americas Society
680 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065
Baltasar Martínez Compañón, born in Navarre in 1738, was appointed bishop of Trujillo in northern Peru in 1779. From 1782 to 1785, he traveled around his bishopric and compiled a remarkable nine-volume work, entitled Trujillo del Perú en el siglo XVIII. In this work he presents geographical, ethnographical, natural and historical data about his bishopric, and illustrates it lavishly with pictures showing its people, places, animals, plants and buildings. Martínez Compañón was also a trained musician, and what makes his endeavors extraordinary is that he transcribed 20 pieces of vocal and instrumental music he heard during his travels. The collection, now in the library of the Palacio Real in Madrid, is the earliest document on popular music in the continent. The music shows a mixture of European, Amerindian and African influences and comes from every corner of the region. Among the pieces are Christmas songs such as Cachua al Nacimiento de Christo Nuestro Señor, the Tonada El Congo, with its critique of slavery, and the Bayle del Chimo, which appears to be the sole written testimony of the language of the long-extinct Chimu culture. Most of the pieces were intended to be sung and danced; 17 out of the 20 have lyrics and 3 are purely instrumental.
This concert will be the premiere of pieces based on the codex by Du Yun (China/US), Alvin Lucier (US), Aurelio Tello (Peru/Mexico), and Paulo Rios Filho (Brazil).
Du Yun: Your Eyes Are Not Your Eyes, for oboe, soprano, harp, guitar, violin
Aurelio Tello: Cachua El buen querer, Dennos licencia, and La despedida for soprano, oboe, clarinet, guitar, harp, violin, percussion
Paulo Rios Filho: TransColonização for oboe, clarinet, violin, guitar, soprano, percussion
Alvin Lucier: Codex for soprano, violin, oboe, clarinet, harp, guitar
This event is supported by Argosy Foundation Contemporary Music Fund and the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust. Alvin Lucier’s new work was commissioned through Meet the Composer’s Commissioning Music/USA program, which is made possible by generous support from the Mary Flagler Cary Trust, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Helen F. Whitaker Fund.